Introduction – Eduardo Pedreiro

My name is Eduardo Pedreiro, I am part of the portuguese team of the VIA-ME programme, which is about alternative teaching methods. As a student of the master of Art and Design for the Public Space, in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, I regard this programme as an opportunity to acquire knowledge and practical skills about how to engage with the public or audience, while develop a creative approach in design and art. As a communication designer, I have a great interest on developing and enhancing the strength of a message and its retention amongst the receiver.

The VIA-ME programme consists in a series of exchanges on which each country involved (Portugal, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia) presents and works a different method. Consequently, the participants must put on course a social project in their own countries transposing, partially or totally, the learnings approached in the exchanges. These projects may be targeted to different publics and contexts.