Reading References – PDFs and Compilation List

Sometimes making something leads to nothing, but_______

Art References:

Augusto Boal, Lygia Clark, Oskar Hansen, Allan Kaprow, Robert Morris, Dennis Oppenheim.

Design Thinking – creative process in art and design
Eduardo Pedreiro

Reading References:

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Learning by Design Art teaching approach
Luísa Caldas e Catarina Fonseca

Reading References:

Cope, Bill; Mary Kalantzis. Learning by Design. Common Ground Publishing Pty, Limited, 2006.

——–. A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: Learning by Design. Springer, 2016.

Relational Art Practices in Context
Prof.ª Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro

Reading References: PDFs (click Titles for PDFs)

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WHAT IS Participatory and Relational Art? IMMA Talk Series, Education and Community Programmes, Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2010

References: Further Reading

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