Sometimes making something leads to nothing, but_______ | Prof. SAMUEL SILVA


Sometimes making something leads to nothing, but_______


Sometimes making something leads to nothing, but_____ is based on the participants themselves and in their individual construction of subjectivity. From sensorial collective experience to the individual introspection we will challenge our imagination and symbolic language through performative drawings. In the first part, we will focus on the externality of the body through performative games, on transit between group and silent individual experience. The emotional and psychological dimension will occupy our attention in the second part, where participants will be encouraged to remind their affections and most significant memories for posterior translation in a poetic installation. How we see and represent ourselves?


Part 1 – From the collective to the individual.

Participants will be invited to play together with a giant piece of plastic film: stretching, getting involved, wrapping up… Then and after this first sensorial and playful experience, we will lie down on the floor and blindfolded we ́ll draw our body, together on the same surface (plastic film), a kind of group drawing. At the end we will talk about the drawings: what we does not draw, what we forget, what details we care, etc.

Part 2 — From the individual level to the group.

After the initial fase, participants will be invited to enter on a circular structure (made of corrugated cardboard) metaphorically illustrates a nest or a belly. In the center there will be the circle (uterus). Silently and using the resource materials available, including own clothes, participants will be encourage to build a line in space towards the center (womb). This poetic line (done with different materials, directions and aesthetic decisions) symbolically represents the individual memories of each, from the most recent to the most remote.

At the end we will have a collective installation in the circular space (full of lines, words, and other elements) and the participants who feel comfortable for sharing their experience can do it with the rest of the group.


Augusto Boal, Lygia Clark, Oskar Hansen, Allan Kaprow, Robert Morris, Dennis Oppenheim.

Samuel Silva (Santo Tirso, 1983)

Samuel works through a process of establishing collaborative and inter-disciplinary teams and is interested in relationship between artistic practice and its social context, the audience involvement in relacional processes and intersticial situations between art and education.

Since 2005 he has been developing a multidisciplinary work involving different media such as photography, video, installation, drawing and artist books .

He graduated in 2006 in the field of Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, where after two years ended a Masters in Contemporary Art Practices. He concluded PHD in 2015 in the field of Art and Education, researching participatory practices in contemporary art. Since 2010 he is Professor in Intermedia Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto. Occasionally, he has been curating exhibitions in the independent circuit. Lives and works in Porto.