Information about the organisation

The University of Porto – Faculty of Fine Arts is one of the oldest and most highly regarded European art schools, having just completed 230 years of existence. For centuries the institution has trained artists and designers who have contributed to Portuguese culture and presence in the world. High percentage of our students come from European Academies and Universities and the institution is committed to a broader international recognition in the fields of fine arts, multimedia and design.

Our involvement in the project VIA-ME is mainly connected to the Masters Degree in Art and Design for the Public Space – MADEP, whose field of study operates and intervenes within multiple approaches to Landscape and Public Space, with strong social and relational concerns. The Masters pluri and inter-disciplinary character aims to develop reflexive and critical tools in the approach to the social, political, historical and urban domains, by engaging with local communities in order to develop live projects that link art and design practice with the society at large.