Summary of the exchanges


Names of Portuguese participants

Eduardo Pedreiro / Valentina Pereira / Ana Catarina Fonseca / Ana Luísa Caldas

The Polish exchange, the first, was the moment our team got to know each other. From the portuguese team perspective, it was about expanding our knowledge, but also about challenging ourselves to engage in a process with an unknown group of people and make the best of that experience. From this starting position, the contents addressed in Poland were received with great enthusiasm and different tools were taken from each of us to be applied in our personal and professional lives. British Drama appeared as an extremely good technique regarding self knowledge and generating group dynamics to establish work situations. The first topic was then complemented by Horse Assisted Education which revealed itself to be an extremely powerful method to work and develop the topic of leadership, as based in the triangle leadership, partnership, followership. Assessing the outcomes, a great deal of knowledge was passed to us and we all feel extremely proud of what we achieved during and after this exchange, which was the start of a cycle of learning new methods.

British Drama. Photosymbol: how you establish your own position towards others.
British Drama. Installation: transmitting meaning through the conception of an object.
Horse Assisted Education. Defining leadership goals.

Social projects / Reports after Poland

Uploaded by: Ana Luísa Caldas – Role play for positive inter-relationships | Dramatização para inter-relações positivas


Names of Portuguese participants

Eduardo Pedreiro / Valentina Pereira / Ana Catarina Fonseca / Ana Luísa Caldas

The second interchange of the VIAME project took place in Slovenia. This was a theoretical-practical approach to topics related to Transactional Analysis, by Eric Berna, focusing on different methods of behavioral and relational analysis, such as 3 states of Ego, which is governed by the existence of three states that are part of each individual and with which we face when we enter into dialogue with ourselves. Relatives – we imitate who influenced us during our growth. Childs-we deal with feelings, emotions and impulses, according to each moment. Adults are in constant construction, from the moment we start walking (the first gesture that makes us independent). The whole project is in line with a position of each relative to being well and relatively in others. During the Interchange we had the opportunity to visit the PUM organization, as well as the study rooms and teachers / tutors involved. In this visit, we all presented and participated in workshops and in the activities of the organization itself, for example, was done together. Briefly, it is possible to define this Methodology as a possibility to learn how to connect and relate to other positions, with other personalities, also evaluating our own behavior in response to the reaction of others, accepting and internalizing the criticism that we are addressed as possibilities for future growth.


  1. Working with the students of Pumo.
  2. Lunch with all the people that makes part of the organization.
  3. Listening the presentation of the organisation.
  4. A group of studens from Pumo.

Social projects / Reports after Slovenia

Uploaded by: Ana Catarina Fonseca – Sensibilização contra o Racismo e Xenofobia / Raising Awareness against Racism and Xenophobia

Uploaded by:  Ana Luísa Caldas – Conflict and relationships inside the school/ Os conflitos e as relações na Escola


Names of Portuguese participants

Ivan Silva / Eduardo Pedreiro / Ana Catarina Fonseca / Ana Luísa Caldas / Daniela Cordova

For us, the Portuguese team, this was the most intense moment of the project because now the floor was ours. We had to share our artistic/conceptual way to see the world and find a way to introduce it to people with many different backgrounds. So we divided the week in two paths: how to make art for the public space – Design Thinking; how to teach artistic aproaches to someone else – Learning by Design. It was also important for us to share many different perspetives of art practice. This idea explains the many different workshops that happened and intended to offer other tools to the participants.


Other important aspect was the change we had to, all together, intervine socially, through the partneship with the Second chance School Arco Maior. We got to bring them the experience of meeting people from different places in Europe and it was quite amazing to see the impact the participants made on the kids, although they couldn’t understand eachother.


Social projects / Reports after Portugal

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Names of Portuguese participants

Norberto Jorge / Eduardo Pedreiro / Ana Catarina Fonseca / Ana Luísa Caldas

This was the last chance to meet the new friends we had made, to learn the wonderful things they had to share. There was some anticipation because the hungarian method sounded close to our artistic roots but it added some kind of a psycologial aproach. In this sense, arriving there was a mix of exitement and sadness.


After the longest trip of our lifes we arrived to a sunny hot/cold wheather, to find a diversified agenda of possibilities. We went through group exercices, individual introspection, dynamic exercices, rational thinking, knowing everyone else deeper and ourselves too. Just like Gabór said about the Portuguese exchange, the Hungarian one seemed like a kandy shop where we could pick the things that suited better to our interests.


In the last days something amazing happened. From a group of strange people that had been getting to know eachother every three months, we transformed into a community. The stage was hungarian but at the same time it was for everybody else. We could count on eachother for anything, share our knowledge and find out where it could meet the one from someone else. So in a sense, we were not just people from four different countries, with different ways to act and see life, but instead a fully functioning organism that created some amazing real life fantasies.


Social projects / Reports after Hungary

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